Fun Time during Tea Time


A couple of friends had come over during evening and we were having tea. Suddenly my husband engaged others in rural Indian style of tea drinking, which is using your saucer to drink tea . To make it funny they started making a slurping noises. This snap captures one of those moments. I like the way the ripples are forming in this photo.

This is my entry for the Coffee and Tea Click Event

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that's neat. i remember desi chai served in earthen cups, searing hot - often cooled in saucers. matka chai we used to call it. thanks for participating.


Fun picture! Brings back memories!

my pleasure.
true....its a neat version.. earthen tea cups in India are known as sikora or khulhars . Still in India at many stations, tea is given in earthen cups.
All credit goes to Lalu( Indian railway minister)who ensure that the switch over from plastic cups to earthen pots would help generate income for hundreds of families and earthen pots,being biodegradable,would help the environment also.

nice to hear from the person with the same name...
Thanks for dropping by....

hi degchi
yo do awesome carvings on the melon. infact i also did some fruit carvings.....a bird in a cage with melon and other fruits. i must say ur art work is fabulous..