Fruit Carving


I've always enjoyed watching and creating fruit and vegetable carvings. After knowing the Vegetable carving event at Roma's blog. I was inspired to do something different, so I took up fruit carving based on the famous Thai style.

Thailand's fruit and vegetable carvings are one of the best in the world. The photo below is an attempt to do one of the designs on a watermelon.

IMG_1412 (Small)

Since I did not have any carving tools with me, I used the pairing knife found commonly in any kitchen. This was my first attempt at carving out a watermelon so it took some time but I really enjoyed carving this. Below are the step by step photos to provide an idea of how to create a watermelon carving.

IMG_1385 (Small)

IMG_1388 (Small)

IMG_1390 (Small)

IMG_1392 (Small)

Comments (5)

Looks perfect!! Carved patiently and artistically. Next time I get a melon home I am going to try my hand at this one.

Thanks so much for participating.

lovely grl...
Great creativity...Beautiful!!!!!
YOU rock dear...

Nicely illustrated Manisha and to think you did this without any carving tools, very well done! :)

Wat a piece of work...never saw something like tht before...came to know bout ur blog frm IHM.

Simply GR8!!!!!