Drawing and Painting are my hobbies. I like to try out my hand on various paintings.This was my first glass painting. I got this design pattern along with my glass painting color kit. For outlines, I used a liquid black colored lead. Nice news is, nowadays the lead comes in silver, gold and transparent hues. I will try to use one of these hues in one of my next paintings.

100_4101 (Large)



This is a glass painting done on 2mm thick glass sheet,  inspired by a water color based painting in a magazine. What I like most in this painting is how the bold colors blend into each other like music coming out from different instruments.


100_4102 (Large)

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lovely painting must say.... really nice I just recently attempted a glass painting ... urs is brilliant however i cldnt manage shading in them... just colored them....

but urs is simply amazing!

Thanks scoobie......

Lovely paintings..

excellent work...

can u tell me how to creat two colour effect

lovely paintings..
hey how did u gave shading???