Watermelon Carving



Decorate your salad bar with this beautiful hand carved watermelon rose in this summer for your barbeque party or pool party.
I like to do vegetable and/or fruit carving during my leisure time. This one is my second attempt at watermelon carving. It is always fun doing it. It also took less time than my previous work,  although it definitely requires lots of patience for the beginners. but with continuous practice , speed comes naturally.

Below are the step by step images to provide an idea of how to carve a watermelon rose.

Step- 1


Step – 2


Step – 3


Step – 4

Step – 5


Step – 6


This watermelon carving I am submitting for create and carve event hosted by Helen of  fussfreeflavours.
The Create & Carve food blogging event was started by Nayna of Simply Food last year.

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OMG.. how utterly awesome is that.

What an amazing tutorial!

Thanks for taking part in Create and Carve, the round up is now posted!


Watermelon flower is very intricate nad pretty, also the instructions that easy to follow too.My 1st visit here, you have anice space.
April Create n Carve is currently being held at simply.food, pls do fell free to share some more carvings.Details from here:


Thanks Ansh, Helen and Simply.food.