Lychee Gulla

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Blogging Marathon # 14



It is spring time again !!  I thought of making something refreshing to match the season. As the temperature warms up, cool desserts soothe and quench your thirst. I am delighted to share a recipe of my own “Lychee Gulla” with you all. It has the looks of an Indian dessert rasagulla, hence the name lychee gulla. It is a quick and easy mithai or dessert. You can make it with either fresh lychees or canned ones. Nowadays lychees are in season so I would suggest to make it with fresh fruit.




  • 20 lychees
  • 1 cup rabdi
  • 2 tablespoon of Chopped blanched Almonds
  • 2 tablespoon of Chopped blanched Pistachio

Check out the rabdi recipe here-


If you have time you can make rabdi at home or you can use store brought or ready mix packet rabdi, the choice is yours.

Quick tip

-Instead of rabdi you can use kulfi or any ice-cream.




  • Peel and deseed the lychees.
  • Add the almonds and pistachio to 1/2 cup of rabdi to make stuffing.
  • Stuff the lychees with rabdi and dry fruit mix.
  • Serve chilled with a dollop of rabdi on it





    Use your imagination to present it in your style either in traditional way like a mithai or in modern chic style like party shots.






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    Wow! These look fantastic and they are making me hungry now!

    they look perfect...very new to me

    this is such a fantastic idea...book marking right away...loved them

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    A nice and perfect dessert...the pic makes it so very tempting.

    Good to have you back in the BM Manisha, tempting and interesting mithai..I haven't eaten lycees so much..though the canned fruit juice was nice..:)

    I have always just had lychee ice cream.. Love dthe idea of stuffing almonds & the adding them rabid.. the clicks are very tempting :)

    Ongoing Event: I'm a STAR

    hey Manisha...after a long time...n with a SIXER!!..loved the recipe..book marked:))

    Awesome .....feel me so hungry....:)good

    Awesome .....feel me so hungry....:)good

    Very innovative recipe.

    wow!!!!Your pics make me drool:-)

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    Looks so refreshing! I love lychee.. bookmarked this recipe! thanks!

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    wow, this looks fantastic, making me drool, I have never made something like this with lychee.., thanks for sharing.., would love to try this out..., first time here, you have lovely blog

    that is a fav fruit for us at home. But never thought of this dessert! truly innovative!

    Very innovative, they look very inviting!!!!

    Absolouely delectable one!

    Almost made my mouth water.. amazing shots and yummy yummy dessert… I love litchis but sadly this fruit is available only for a few months a year… I am nt a big fan of tinned ones.. I prefer drinking KDD harvest’s new Litchi juice, it’s almost as good as eating the juicy fruit.. I’ll probably make this the minute I get my hands on some delicious litchis, saving it! thanks