Lasan ki chutney/ Garlic Chutney

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Lasan ki chutney is indispensible part for Rajasthani cuisine. This hot fiery garlic chutney represent the colorful, courageous and spirited people of Rajasthan. This chutney is made in Rajasthan year around but it is especially relished more in winter because of its high heat intensity. Rajasthani people like to eat it with dal-bati and bajra ki roti (millet flour flatbread). Read about the medicinal benefits of garlic here.











  • 2        pods of whole garlic
  • 6-8     Fresh red chilies
  • 1        tomato
  • 1/2     teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1        teaspoon coriander powder
  • 1/4th  teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1/4th   teaspoon garam masala (optional)
  • 2        tablespoon oil
  • salt to taste







  1. Peel the garlic cloves.  Crush half of the cloves with the belan (rolling pin) and half in the mortar and pastel or if you are in hurry grind it in the food processor but try to keep it coarse.
  2. Make paste of the red chili's.
  3. In a pan heat the oil and add cumin and mustard seeds
  4. Add garlic and sauté till it changes it color to light brown.
  5. Add red chili paste and other spices.
  6. Add finely diced tomato.
  7. Cook for 8-10 minutes or till it takes the consistency of chutney.
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  • If fresh red chili's are not available you can use soaked dried red chili's.
  • You can also use half red capsicum + 2 teaspoon red chili powder instead of 6-8 fresh red chili's.
  • Store in a container and refrigerate. It will remain fresh for more than a month.




This thali includes in a clockwise direction from-

Lasan ki chutney [garlic chutney]

Kairi ki Launji [raw mango chutney]

Panchkuta [ Rajasthani special sabji of dried berries]

Dahi Vada [black gram lentil dumplings in a yoghurt with tamarind chutney]

Raab [corn yoghurt]

Karba [rice and grapes yoghurt]

Aate ka Halwa [ wheat flour dessert]

Khazaa [all purpose flour fried crackers]

Mithudi [all purpose flour and jaggery fried cookies]

Methi parantha [Fenugreek tortilla]

Poori [Wheat flour fried tortilla]


The above picture is of special festive meal made on the occasion of a festival of Shitala Ashtami. This meal is cooked one day in advance since on the day of the festival no cooking is done.


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Very nice thali.

wow - all those different breads for one thali - AMAZING!!!

Manisha, can you pls update the dishes in your thali, the different dishes look so wonderful..I love garlic and this surely sounds so nice..

a very tempting thali there.

very nice plate of food...awesome...

SYF&HWS - Cook With SPICES" Series

yummy, i love this lasan ki chutney, had made it as part of my rajasthani thali too

The presentation is just so traditional and this chutney looks divine kept along with those Little Batis.. hmm.. a must try now for me ..:)

Quite a flavourful chutney,thats an awesome thali..

Manisha..I have had lots of Rajasthani food..and its one of my fav cuisine..the dried berry ..is it ker sangiri...love the lassan ki chutney cant eat a meal without it!!

Hi Manisha, came here from Champa's blog.....your blog name Degchi caught my eye....love your blog name.....glad I dropped in.... as we love garlic chutneys/achar & U have garlic chutney here to welcome me :)......love the Rajasthani thali...next time I make dal bati gonna make this chutney to go with it....glad to follow U :)

got to agree, it is indeed an almost required part of the big Rajasthani thali. Great recipe too. We usually grind garlic and not use tomatoes. Do check out my recipe of garlic chutney too. I will try your recipe too :)

Amazing....garlic chutni.The smell of garlic is awesome....I will try.

Garlic chutney sounds flavorful. The thali looks beautiful...

The thaali looks amazing...love the color of the chutney.

Wow that is an interesting chutney - can be used as a great spread too!

Spicy garlic chutney-- looks delicious.

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The chutney looks awesome! Lovely spread!

The chutney looks awesome! Lovely spread!

What a lovely thali, I remember my neighbours who are Rajasthanis, I used to take tutions for their kids and she used to get me something all the time.., The best part of it I remember is they making popadoms :), it brings smile to my face.., miss all of it now.., I am going to make this too :), My H will love this for sure, he loves lasoon so much.

I am not a fan of garlic but the thali is inviting.

Thali is so tempting.Chutney looks delicious...

What a tempting thali.